N°Q28 El Olivo

Look, marvel and admire. That's the motto here. May we introduce our olive root! With this trick, nature has once again made us completely speechless. The rootwork of a very old olive tree. The reservoir from which we recovered this piece of jewellery also made its contribution. Certainly for some years the water washed around this root and gave it its final polish.

This root sculpture is a rarity and in this form certainly not to be discovered at every corner! This hard wood with its gigantic grain and the ability to draw so many nutrients from a hot soil of sand and stone that it can live for many hundreds of years deserves absolute respect.

Enjoy the sight of this wonderful wonder of nature and be aware that this is a rare pleasure.


Material olive wood

Price: actually unsaleable incl. VAT

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El Olivo
El Olivo
El Olivo
El Olivo
Entdeckt jemand die Schubkarre? Hier bekommt man eine leise Ahnung davon wie groß diese Wurzel ist.
El Olivo
El Olivo
El Olivo

Story about the olive root

Spain vacation 2017...and everyone brings a small souvenir from the vacation home! She's not really that handy, surely a few hundred years old and a real heavyweight at that! By the tip of an acquaintance we came to the root and the root with all forces we could muster to us! "A dam in Catalonia"...

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Note to wooden items:

Wood is a natural material and reacts to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Small changes in size and colour are therefore normal.

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