A few words about who we are


steht für individuelles Design. Natürliche und stilvolle Einzelstücke aus der Natur.

  1. Who is Qambium

    We, Falk and Stella, hunter-gatherers, with the look für´s certain something and a good portion of madness equipped - now we come out with QAMBIUM.
  2. Our materials amd methods

    We leave all our objects as natural as possible and limit ourselves to simply cleaning them with sand, water or sand-water mixture.
  3. Ideas, passions and suggestions

    Anyone who has an idea to use a mysteriously curved piece of wood, a washed-out stone, a historical beam or beaten stone steps far away from the actual purpose knows what we are talking about. Why not use a thick stone slab, which originally might have served as a floor in an old masonry, as part of the worktop in the kitchen? Use a sawn log, or a sliced mighty root as a room divider, or simply in a new building from building materials such as nature has created a sign. Bring historical building materials into scene and thus receive a guaranteed eye-catcher... With QAMBIUM there are (almost) no limits!
  4. Frequently asked

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