Who is Qambium

We, Falk and Stella, hunter-gatherers, with the look für´s certain something and a good portion of madness equipped - now we come out with QAMBIUM.

After countless hikes and expeditions at home and abroad, an extravagant looking root, a nice piece of bark, a funny looking branch, a special stone or an old beam found a nice place in and around our House. With the fund of our treasures from nature, the idea grew to redefine our leisure activities and QAMBIUM was born.

Different perspectives on our, still unprocessed objects, let ideas grow. In the end, our works can be found on pedestals or as a pair of consoles they carry a glass floor in their middle. They serve as lights or impress as decorative eye-catchers. Our pool of ideas is far from exhausted.

In a time in which exposed concrete and glass, turf and stone look are written in capital letters, straight lines and accurately cut hedges determine the field of vision, we want to create a connection between nature and modernity with our individual pieces.

In addition to the charm of nature as the basis for our art, we have dedicated ourselves to the "old".
Whether you take a break and lean against the enormous trunk of an ancient oak tree that has stood up to wind and weather for many years. Or the experience of walking through an old house, hearing beams creak with every step or climbing up stepped stone steps... you should treat yourself to a moment of time.
Who has been sitting at the foot of this oak tree over the years and has gained strength for the long way ahead?
Who has probably, many years ago built this house, not suspecting that today it is under monument protection, admired and lavishly restored?

To see things consciously and to live them, one should take a moment to do so. Even if it is so precious, in our fast-moving world!

This is the passion with which we stand behind QAMBIUM.