Story of a root

Objekt: Oaksculpture Devilsmoon or Lord of the Darkness

A hiking weekend in the Vosges... Time for two, precious time. Our goal, the waterfalls at the Nideck. Actually not quite our style to be where everybody is but in this case the weather wasn't the best and we had the hope to have some peace on our tour. At the top of the viewing rock we took a break. Everybody knows the patterns of the people we meet. How are the others dressed during such a hike? Do they have rain jackets or even an umbrella with them, in the middle of nature? Are they "real" hikers or the typical tourists with camera and sandals...sandals??? Momet times! A small but very interesting looking piece of wood was to be seen in the middle of the way. Just a moment ago a group of excursionists walked over it without noticing it. When they had walked on we started to take a closer look at this wood. "Oak" we noticed. And also that it was bigger than expected. So we dug, salvaged the treasure and filled the hole again (not that one stumbles at these rugged rock faces)! And there he was. Our prince of darkness or the moon with the burden of the devil on his back.